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“The Voice”: Mennel has “an important message for you”

Ever since her remarkable passage in “The Voice” Saturday night, Mennel the singer is attacked left and right on Social Media. A National Front member even requested her removal from the TF1 show.



“A member of the Muslim Extreme-Right” “ A Pro-Palestinian activist with conspiracist tendencies” Pro-Israeli websites are in no shortage of names and adjectives to throw at Mennel Ibtissem, a singer recently shown to the world in the TV musical “The Voice”.

Saturday night,  the young muslim Mennel dazzled the jury in the blind auditions. Her voice and her interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s famous song “Hallelujah”,  which she sang in French and then in Arabic allowed her to pursue the adventure alongside one of of the coaches .

22 years of age, Mennel Ibtissem is pursuing her Masters in English language, hoping to become a professor. She often shares her passion for music via Social Media and was notably picked by the Show thanks to her Youtube Channel.

Recently, the singer explained the reasoning behind wearing her Turban in an interview with the Figaro: “ We can say it is a way of modernizing the veil. But it is mainly a part of my look. You’ll never see me without it .”

Criticised for her wardrobe choice on the web, l’Observatoire de la laïcité’s reporter, Nicolas Cardène , has expressed his full support of the young woman on Twitter.  

Sharing of Tariq Ramadan, Baraka City, Lallab…. and accused of being apart of the « Islamic Movement »

But as of now, it is her Facebook posts that are stirring controversy and for which she is being demanded to justify herself. Scrutinized on the web, she is accused of sharing the posts of Tariq Ramadan , Dieudonné and the muslim association Baraka City. Islamophobic sites that equally object her alleged proximity to the feminist Association Lallab .

However, it is mostly her pro-Palestinian views and remarks that causing trouble.The Young girl native of Besançon had published a song on Youtube named “Souris Palestine” (Smile Palestine) which was shared by the BDS mouvement in France.

On Facebook, she denounced in a 2016 post the Israeli occupation and the inaction of the United Nations. Several Pro-Israeli websites were quick to post screenshots of her posts on their Facebook accounts as if denouncing the illegal occupation of Palestine was morally reprehensible.

A while Back, the first veiled women to be the face of L’Oreal, Amena Khan, had been also equally singled out and pinned for her Pro-Palestinian views and been pushed to withdraw from the  campaign.

Mennel Ibtissem has also weighed in several times on the attacks in France. The day after the bombing in Nice in July 2016, she wrote:  « That’s it it now! It has now become a habit , one attack every week!! And to make things even more normal, the “terrorist” carried his identity documentsID with him. It is true and crucial that one has to remember to carry identification when preparing for an attack !! #MakeFoolsOutOfUs ».

On august 1st 2016 she additionally posted  « The real terrorists is our government ».

Remarks that outraged neo-nazi activist and Vice President of the National Front Group in the Regional Council of the French Riviera, Philippe Vardon,  and a former in the Identity-Related Bloc.

He announced that he has written to TF1 ‘s CEO and the production company « To request her removal from the show », as revealed by Nice-Matin.

« We cannot allow her to be portrayed as a role model to a big part of our youth without being confronted and held responsible for her statements », wrote the politician in a press release , considering Mennel Ibtissem’s comments as an insult to the victims of the July 14th attacks. The young women has responded on Social Media.

Today, Mennel announces his departure from the show following the controversy.

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