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Swiss Consul: “Tariq Ramadan’s health is deteriorating”

Tariq Ramadan has undergone two medical assessments in less than a month following a first expeditious examination. Of the 57 days he has spent in pre-trial detention, he would have spent 27 days in hospital.



On Monday, March 26, the Swiss Consul in France visited Tariq Ramadan in the Fresnes jail, where the latter has recently been  transferred. According to our information, the diplomat came out “shocked” by his fellow citizen’s health condition. The support committee is concerned about “the rapid deterioration of Professor Ramadan’s health condition. “

“Tariq was walking the day he entered prison, today he comes to the visiting room in a wheelchair”

Tariq Ramadan’s wife, Iman, went to the  Fresnes prison on Wednesday, March 28th. Her fourth visit since her husband was detained. Iman Ramadan has called out the “appalling” conditions of detention and says: “Tariq was walking the day he entered prison, today he comes to the visiting room in a wheelchair”

Why Tariq Ramadan’s multiple sclerosis was discovered only the day he was imprisoned? Iman Ramadan assures that “since 2014, he had been checked several times by doctors.” In a January 2016 medical report, that LeMuslimPost has had access to, neurologist Dirk Deleu wrote that “after a year and a half of treatment, the patient began to complain from more and more lower limbs’ paresthesia.”

Tariq Ramadan’s health problems did not start on February 2, the day he arrived in the Fleury-Mérogis prison. The professor “experienced a ten days episode of lower limbs numbness for the first time in October 2014, initially in both feet but with a progressive spread to the knees,” says the doctor. Iman Ramadan recalls that before her husband’s incarceration, there was a medical “consensus of diagnoses” about his health condition: multiple sclerosis and neuropathy of unknown type.

The medical expert report expected on April 15

According to the doctor who examined him in 2016, Tariq Ramadan’s health deteriorated. “The patient meets the diagnostic criteria of multiple sclerosis, a drug treatment has been prescribed, especially due to the spinal cord injury,” the doctor wrote two and a half years ago.

Another medical report was provided by Tariq Ramadan’s defense at the very beginning of his detention. This one was carried out by the the Fleury-Mérogis prison’s head physician, Farid Mehareb. A document completely neglected by the opposing counsel. “My colleague, says Emmanuel Marsigny, said: ‘Oh yes, the certificate of Dr. Farid?’ What does that mean? Is it because he is an Arab? Is it because he is Muslim? Another medical expert said that Tariq Ramadan’s condition was compatible with his detention. 

Tariq Ramadan, said the report, is effectively suffering from multiple sclerosis disease, but he does not suffer from any neuropathy. Except that the medical examination lasted only a few minutes, did not provide a complete file and included errors, such as Tariq Ramadan’s provided weight which does not match with his actual weight – the report indicates ten kilogrammes more. Then at the Salpêtrière hospital, a third opinion certified that the type of multiple sclerosis detected is not the same. Iman Ramadan is surprised by these “conflicting medical opinions” where there was previously a consensus.

“How will he be able to defend himself under these conditions?”

Following Tariq Ramadan’s defense challenges, who criticized a botched expertise by Dr. Guerguen, the judicial authorities have been forced to review their position. A new medical expertise has therefore been commissioned. This one took place this Tuesday, March 27, 2018. Two doctors – the neurologists François Chedru and Olivier Gout – examined Tariq Ramadan for an hour and 15 minutes. The two experts are expected to give their verdict mid-April – instead of the end of March as previously planned.

 Meanwhile, Tariq Ramadan’s health condition is a source of concerns.  At the beginning of March, Tariq Ramadan’s Swiss lawyer, Marc Bonnant, visited the professor. He indicated that his client “seemed very weak. And he knows he’s weak. His health condition is medically problematic and critical. Iman Ramadan spoke up about the “risks of permanent effects”: Tariq Ramadan has regular headaches, pain, cramps and limb numbness, sleep and memory problems. Only few physiotherapy sessions could sometimes relieve him. “How can he defend himself under these conditions? Iman Ramadan asks.

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